Destiny 2 Player Offers Ideas For Alternative 'Dying' Start Mode

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Destiny 2 Player Offers Ideas For Alternative 'Dying' Start Mode

As the Destiny 2 community has continued to criticize Bungie for their recent neglect of Gambit, one player has suggested an alternative mode that Bungie might utilize in place of the PvPvE game. Gambit, which pits players against Artificial foes and other players for The Drifter fun, has been a component of the game's fundamental ritual event since the introduction of the Forsaken update in 2018. Yet, since Lightfall's internal mode hasn't received any significant improvements, there has been rising debate in the gaming world about why it remains in the game. In the game, players can gather enough Destiny 2 Silver.


Gambit joins the Vanguard and Crucible playlists as the third in Destiny 2's core ritual playlist for players to hone in on each season for new rewards they can earn. The mode pits two teams of four against each other to fill their banks with enough motes to summon a primal Taken and kill it before the other team. However, a player on the opposing team is able to invade and slow down the opposing team's progress, keeping their own team in the game and giving them a chance to win.


Gambit's last major update came with The Witch Queen expansion, with Bungie tweaking ammo, respawns, invasions, and more in an attempt to bring players back to the mode. However, without any new maps or a full update to the core game loop in the past four years, many players in the Destiny 2 community feel that the mode is "dead" and worth quitting the game entirely. Reddit user Darth_Onaga shared this sentiment, though they floated the idea of a Horde-style mode to replace it, which they feel fits the current state of the Destiny universe, called "Frontline."


Onaga explained that the mode was inspired by the Lightfall OST and the final campaign mission, in which players will fight alongside Empress Kayat and her cabal army against Emperor Karus' Shadow Legion trying to reach the Veil . The mode will require six players to defend a vault against increasingly difficult waves of enemies, which will vary based on the map they're on. Over time, players accumulate points that can then be spent on different forms of aid, from turrets and bombing to allied reinforcements, with rewards earned at various point thresholds.


On the DestinyTheGame subreddit, other players appear to support the concept, with many sharing Onaga's views on the present condition of Gambit. The Destiny 2 community's demand for a third distinct core storyline to depart from the PvE and PvP experience players have experienced since 2014 is also highlighted in Onaga's piece, as is the increased unhappiness with Bungie's handling of Gambit in recent years. It will be interesting to see how Bungie responds to this input and what it implies for Gambit's future as the development team starts work on The Final Form. You can find additional gaming guides at