World of Warcraft May Add Hardcore Realms

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World of Warcraft May Add Hardcore Realms

Recently, some World of Warcraft players found some buried code, indicating that Blizzard might think about introducing tough servers in the future. If these realms are created, they will provide World of Warcraft gamers their toughest challenge yet. Throughout the game, players can acquire enough WoW Dragonflight Gold.


Diablo's own game mode with the same name, in which characters are permanently wiped upon death, served as the inspiration for the hardcore play style. Meorawr, a fan and Twitter user, discovered evidence of this difficult playstyle entering World of Warcraft via the Blizzard interface in Solanya's public test realm for the Dragonflight patch 10.1.


There is no global string associated with this new discovery in World of Warcraft yet, but the interface code is set up to pop up two separate warnings - one when selecting a hardcore realm, and another when the player attempts to create Characters. While the text was found in a build for World of Warcraft 10.1 PTR, it's unclear whether these new areas are for retail or for classic WoW.


Right now, hardcore mode exists in classic WoW, but has to be enforced by the user, similar to how Nuzlocke works in Pokemon. Die-hard WoW players have had several special events in Classic WoW recently. During last year's Path of Ragnaros event, 40 extreme players completed the iconic Molten Core raid in World of Warcraft with only two character deaths, and the ongoing Hardcore Allstars event sees players compete on hardcore characters. Quickly pass the dungeon.


Many players would be ecstatic if World of Warcraft were introduced to the hardcore realm, especially in Classic WoW. These thrill-seeking players are often looking for new ways to challenge themselves, and the hardcore realm will be the best way to do it. Obviously, the official hardcore community of WoW is small but very dedicated.


After cycling through all of the vanilla World of Warcraft content again, World of Warcraft Classic recently shut down the Season of Mastery realm. Since then, it hasn't announced a new season of mastery or related areas, leaving many Classic-era WoW players feeling aimless. If Blizzard plans to launch an official hardcore realm soon, this might be just what Classic WoW needs to keep it feeling fresh.


Players should anticipate learning more about this prospective game mode in later updates given that it was discovered in the Neltharion Embers on the World of Warcraft PTR. We can only hope that WoW will soon make an official announcement on Hardcore Mode and specify whether it will be offered in Classic, Retail, or both. Visit for more game guides.