Bungie outlines changes to Destiny 2 difficulty and rewards

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Bungie outlines changes to Destiny 2 difficulty and rewards

Despite the fact that the addition of Lightfall increased the difficulty of Destiny 2, Bungie intends to make some specific events even more challenging after allowing players to explore the game's existing sandbox. The Commendation will receive a second pass because players continue to complain about how it slows down Guardian Ranks advancement. This is just the beginning of the studio's ambitions. This is a preview of the sandbox game's mid-season adjustments that Bungie will implement, laying the groundwork for the environments that meta players will encounter during the remainder of the season. In the game, players can gather enough Destiny 2 Silver.


Discussions surrounding Destiny 2's difficulty have been going on for years, usually only intensifying when the creep of power issues within the game's sandbox became more apparent. In Lightfall and Season of Defiance, Bungie injected new levels of difficulty into the game, especially with the new destination Neomuna and seasonal events. That said, the talk only lasted until the launch of the Nightmare Roots raid, which was completed by nearly 200,000 players in the 48-hour race mode.


Bungie talked about Destiny 2 difficulty in the latest This Week at Bungie post, which previewed some of the changes coming in the larger mid-season patch for the Defiance season. For most campaigns, enemies' HP scalars will be reduced by 10% on Legendary and Master difficulty modes, but raids and dungeons will maintain current enemy HP scalars, the studio said. Vexcalibur's new Exotic Avalon quest will give co-op players a similar boost to enemy HP, with a 33% reduction in enemy HP scalar.


In addition to the enemy health nerf, Bungie has further reduced the Commendation requirements for weekly clan and overall Guardian level progression to accommodate a "more enjoyable cadence." The first is a second reduction in Commendations required for rank, rank 7 now requires 200 instead of 460, rank 8 requires 477 instead of 790, rank 9 requires 910 instead of 1290, while also removing any rank goals requiring players to Grades are awarded. Suraya Hawthorne's weekly Commendation caps will be reduced from 20 to 5, making it easier for players to earn weekly caps.


These changes seem to be aimed at making Destiny 2's difficulty and gameplay a little easier, but without sacrificing other activities. Commendations, in particular, have been a sticking point for the more outspoken members of the game's community, as common complaints have been that leveling up is too demanding and significantly slows down possible rank progression. As for the game's overall difficulty, it's not surprising to see players welcome the change as they complain about specific enemies in the new Challenge Battlegrounds or higher-difficulty Nightfall, but not at the expense of the difficulty of raids and dungeons themselves. For more game guides, please visit nf17.com.