What is the HS Code for Aluminium Circles

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International trade relies on standardized classification systems to identify products being imported or exported

International trade relies on standardized classification systems to identify products being imported or exported. Here we explore the HS (Harmonized System) code classification for aluminum circles and discs.

What is the Harmonized System (HS)?

The HS is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). It comprises over 5000 commodity groups arranged in a legal and logical structure and is universally accepted by over 200 countries.

The HS code identifies traded goods unambiguously so their duties and statistical relevance can be determined consistently worldwide. It's crucial for tariff classification and trade statistics collection.

Key Details About Aluminum Circles

Before identifying the HS code, it's important to define key product attributes:

  • Made from aluminum as the primary material
  • Circular or disc shape
  • May be flat, curved, or profiled surfaces
  • Manufactured sizes vary in diameter and thickness
  • Used in various industrial and consumer applications

HS Code Structure for Metals

Within the HS classification system, Chapter 76 relates specifically to aluminum and articles thereof. The sub-headings are further divided based on production method and product type.

HS Code for Unworked Aluminum Circles

For plain, unfinished aluminum circles or discs of aluminum that have not undergone any additional working post-production, the code is:

7601.10 - Unwrought aluminum, not alloyed

This covers discs in their most basic, primary material form before further processing or manufacturing.

HS Code for Semi-Finished Aluminum Circles

If the circles have undergone preliminary working/shaping but are not yet completely finished parts, the code is:

7606.11 - Powder or flakes

7606.12 - Other

Includes circles that have been cut, pressed, extruded or surface treated but require further fabrication.

HS Code for Finished Aluminum Circles

Fully manufactured aluminum circles ready for end use application take the code:

7607.11Roll-formed aluminum circles/discs
7607.19Other aluminum circles/discs

Covers a wide variety of finished aluminum discs based on dimensions and surface finishes.

Additional HS Code Considerations

Codes may vary slightly based on alloy composition or specific physical attributes like etched/printed surfaces. It's best to confirm classification with trade authorities to ensure tariff accuracy.


Identifying the precise HS code correctly categorizes aluminum circles for tariff rate determination and trade statistics gathering. Following these primary classifications ensures compliant transportation and customs clearance of circle shipments globally.